Fuel jumps up again!

Fuel price increases again for how many time, I've lost count. But luckily, the RON95 fuel could be used by almost all cars, except if you drive a Lamborghini or  a Ferrari perhaps you still need to pump in the RON97. The following statement could be a good news in these bad days.
1. Proton has confirmed that all of their cars can use RON95
2. all current Hyundai petrol car models are built for a minimum of RON92
3. Nissan has confirmed that all Nissan cars sold by Edaran Tan Chong Motors can run on RON95
4. All Honda Malaysia vehicles, EXCEPT Civic Type R, are RON95 compatible
5. According to the Sime Darby Auto Connexion rep, all petrol vehicles sold by them are RON95 compatible
6. It is perfectly fine for current BMW vehicles to use 95 RON. In fact, it is the recommended grade in the owners manuals (only the M cars have a recommended grade of 97/98 RON).
7. KIA: Yes u can
8. According to Suzuki, the ER-V can run on RON95. The only Suzuki model that doesn't is the Suzuki Swift Sport, which runs on RON98 and above.
9. etc... pls refer to this source.... CLICK HERE


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