Happy Birthday my girl!

Today, July the 18th is my lovely daughter, Dalila's birthday. Today, 12 years ago I was standing beside my wife bed, in a labor room of a hospital in Shah Alam, witnessing a cute little creature emerging from her mother's womb. She was so chubby and  adorable. I cuddled her and whisper Azan and Iqamah softly to her tiny little ears. She opened her beautiful eyes and made eyes contact with me for the very first time. That was the most beautiful moment which I will remember for life. She is our second child after Kakyung Nia.
Ella, today you are 12, and you'll never stop growing up, but to me you are still my cute little girl who gave me a blink the day you were born.
You brought me cheers on the sad days, gave me courage when I feel down and always make everyone's life a memorable one.

There is no other gifts more meaningful than having you in our life. Happy Birthday Angah. Be yourself, smile and I love you always


5er_dragon said…
chubby and adorable???
gemok jeww trus!
McBudu said…
Konda: Lama tak update Blog?

Angah: Chubby is more appropriate, I guess....anyway the day you were born, you got two chins...!And you were the biggest amongst all !
iramestika said…
Just imagine 4.25KG tu but Alhamdullillah lahir cara normal. Sume orang comment baru je lahir dah macam baby dah lepas pantang.
Comot said…
the biggest and the heaviest amongst us!!
epy burfday!!
Pak Yob said…
bro...tu hang ka Ito blues gang? he..he..kirim la kek kat UKM ni kalau ada lebih bleh aku ngan mizi merasa.
McBudu said…
ira: normal tu suspek lah...

comot: besar mula, kemudian kecut...

PakYob: Ito kurang hansem sikit... he he, kek da habis, nanti aku kirim gambar je...

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