Different kind of Dung

Last week for the very first time, I came across this different kind of DUNG. The Carburetor Dung! (Never imagine carburetor ever discharged one?)

Anyway dung will always be dung. I remember during the induction week, long time ago, we were entertained to a "Royal Bath". Everyone was excited about it. When the day came, everyone was guided to a big pit with thick greenish water inside. Never to our imagination that was Cow Dung’s pit! Imagine everyone has to take turn, splash into the ditch! I'm sure that each of us will never forget that stinky day. The day cow dung came handy.

Coming back to these group of Homo sapiens identified themself as a type of "Dung", they normally served their audience with a kind of underground music. Obviously some of the lyrics incline to the source of dung too, and to strengthened their point, they deliberately showed part of their body where the dung’s supposed to come from! How real!

I suppose they have studied their audiences well before performing, or they just presumed their audiences comprised of dung beetles and of other similar species!

Unfortunately NOT all the audiences are of that beetle species, which end up the rockers been mobbed and one of them been beaten.

Politics aside, what I want to highlight here is that every job has got the risk. So to my friends out there, don’t feel bad if the 'going gets tough' because only the “tough gets going!”

Just look at these underground rockers.... they just want to be honest, sincere and go back to nature BUT just because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, with different variety of beetles, they get mobbed! But that doesn’t stop them from being DUNG! Does it ?

This is what I call JOB HAZARD. Cheers.


Pisangsesikat said…
Cow Dung can be use as manure for fruit trees. Save your money on fertilizers!
NaNa said…
hahaha.. some people are just happy to be categorized as such.

What they did during the concert was inappropriate. But somehow, because of that incident, they are famous now. Ironic. :)
McBudu said…
nana: many ways to gain attention, naming after such a stink thing is one of them!

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