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More of Naeem Danish

Too tight to write anything longer lately, except this little creature who never fail to cheer me up every time I came home. Here are more of Naeem Danish after 18 days....

Hi, howdy

don't you feel sleepy?

so comfortable in here

guess I got to take a nap... bye

and.. He Checked In (through the window!)

Finally my latest addition checked in, a boy, after a hat-trick of girls. He was 6 days late, so the Gyne decided to induce. We checked into the Medical Center early in the morning on November the 6th, to be 'induced', but only to be told that the baby's head was NOT engaged! It was slightly slanting. Since it already delayed for almost a week, the Gyne immediately recommended a cesarean delivery. I asked if that was the best option? She replied "That is the ONLY option!". All the three girls were delivered normal. God, we never have prepared for this turn-around. Anyway God is great and knows what's best for us. With tawakkal in mind, we agreed to it... And it was all over in just 15 minutes. At 1.05 pm, November the 6th 2007, the baby checked in through the 'window' (Computer age ha..?) Both mother and baby were safe and sound. Thanks Almighty God . So, here is the first peek at Naeem Danish, who scored 3.81 Kg nett. Welcome to the family son! This co…