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After a long break......

So long I didn't pay visit to this blog, not to mention buddies' sites! Sorry pals !. I Just got so many things in my agenda. Change of workplace, new office and new job specs (again?), got sick for more than a month (again?), sending my girl to summer camp, SIL suffers almost fatal heart attack, brother went to Mecca, have to jointly take care of his children, went on holidays (imagine how I squeezed my time in between!), attending weddings here and there, streamyx went down for a week, home aircond breakdown, etc, etc. The count never end....I am too tired to write more. I came here today just to window dress my site before the year ends, and most of all I want to wish fellow bloggers Happy New Year and SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDUL ADHA, permulaan satu pengorbanan. Berkorbanlah dengan penuh keikhlasan untuk agama, keluarga, bangsa dan negara, even if you get sacrificed in the process!

Kg Budaya, Sarawak

May 2007 makes us better men/women. Amin.