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The time, worth remembering

Huhhhh, what a long break! Many things have happened. I fell sick, terribly sick (I'm talking about physical sickness) so many types of sickness, I've lost count. I was too weak to think straight anymore at that point of time. I really worried about my deteriorating health. I decided to take full medical check-up; I mean FULL medical check-up. From head to toe, no stone left unturned! I had that check list, I ticked everything, heart scan, stress test, cancer markers, blood test, urine test, bone density test, etc, etc, etc. until at one point the nurse pointed out that "pap smear is only for ladies, sir!".....Oh, man...!

I was waiting for the result in agony. It was the longest 4 days in my whole life.

The day, Saturday, which I suppose to take the result, I fell sick again. So, I took them on the next Monday. I try to be cool and relax, but I could feel all the blood gushed down my feet.

The doctor was young and handsome. He smiled at me and said ".... your resul…