Dare to fail

While spring cleaning, I found an old book which I failed to read through previously - DARE TO FAIL by Billi Lim. Quite an old book actually, but the fact that this man, was the founder of the first Direct Selling company in Malaysia, Fortiss, makes me eager to read on. Fortiss rose to fame like a shooting star, but reduced to zero on the next day. There must be something to learn from this man.

While reading through, he reminds me a lot of things that we might just ignored in everyday’s life. He pointed out that too comonly we have mistakenly measured achievement in life with level of success, but on the other hand failures are catastrophes. Very few people want to talk about their failures, but many want to boast about their successfulness. Failures are taboos and successes are glamorous. In actual fact, not many of us realise that failures and disappointments are the keys to an achievement. Every great man once was a failure at many stages in his/her life. Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Ibnu Seena to name a few, are great men of all time, they failed many times before their achievements.

In life we define sunny day as a good weather and rainy day as bad weather, but why we need both to stay alive! We notice rainbow is very beautiful and few people believe that at the end of the rainbow there are bushels of gold! To have a rainbow, it needs shower of rain and sun light, a combination of so called ‘bad’ weather and ‘good’ weather! And you’ll get bushels of gold at the end of it. So true, we need combination of failure and success to have bushels of gold!

Many cannot be achievers in life because they treat success as good and failures as bad. Many of us hide failures and hate to recall any of them. The writer also quoted one example of a company named 3M. This company produce ‘Post-it’ adhesive notepad. The original adhesive used in Post-it notes was invented in 1968 by Spencer Silver, a 3M researcher. While attempting to design a strong adhesive, he instead developed a very weak adhesive, of no use to the industry. He failed! He feel like a filure, the company feels that he was a failure!. No immediate application was apparent, until 1974 when a colleague, Arthur Fry, conceived of using the adhesive to create bookmarks while contemplating a hymnal in his church choir. Initial prototypes were available in 1977, and by 1980-1981, after a large sampling campaign, the product had been introduced around the world. Now ‘Post-it’ is sold USD100 million annually worldwide! This is a story how fortune was built on ‘failures’, where failures are actually achievements, that many of us ignored.

A lot of thing which I could highlight here, but it will take so much space…. If you are interested, buy one!


indica said…
Very interesting..it reminds me of an Einstein's quote..anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new..

Tapi paling aku respect ko sbb boleh jumpa lagu klasik yg amat nostalgic tu...digamit kenangan siot!!...hehe
McBudu said…
Aku tak ingat pulak Einstein ada kata cam tuh, Einstein mana lak ko ni? :-D

Lagu ni - Aku dah agak dah ko mesti nostalgik punya! Lagu ini khas buat rakanku yang sering menyanyi lagi ni sambil memetik gitar (Walaupun petikan gitarnya amat sumbang!)

P/s sejak bila ko tukar nama Indica, dulu aku mati-mati ingat MTO and Indica are 2 different persons. Tapi elok juga kerana nama tu sebagai pelengkap kepada Manggifera.
Pak Yob said…
tu la pasal aku ingat budak india mana pulak ni....rupanya kamu jugak yob..
indica said…

Mmg selalu mamat tu nyanyi sambil petik gitar lagu ni..sampai naik muak..hehe
kalo tak silap mamat tu pun ada buat persembahan unplug lagu ni dgn subkaki masa minggu induksi..ko tak ingat ke?

indica tu utk komersil .. hehe
indica said…
Masuk nak dengo lagu ...boleh ?
McBudu said…
Ko ni macam mamat yg aku citer tu pulak....

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