What a tiring life !

Isn’t life just tiring sometimes? What a string of tiring days I had lately. I was thinking about life, about how hectic our lives sometimes could be. The work loads, the new assigned task which I am suppose to shoulder, the uncertainties which warrant no clues, and the sickening creatures who I’ve unluckily bumped into. Add to the list are the school holiday hassles, when kids whispering of going on holidays, relatives got married, surprise visits in odd hours, family gatherings etc, etc.
MASTAN GHANI, prominent spot in Teluk Intan

Started with a wedding in Teluk Intan, well, I’m not the wedding planner, but the tense atmosphere sufficient to test my patient to the uppermost level. Luckily it was in a breathtaking, peaceful and serene town of Teluk Intan. The ambiance pacified me. Ghulam Rasul and Mastan Ghani did add merit to Teluk Intan, as suggested by buddy Midzie. Food tastes good!
Boiled Noodles, compliment of Mastan Ghani

The next day, I rushed back to office for an official trip down south. A day trip to Muar and Johor Bharu by road was really an exhausting one. Anyhow the day was saved by a stop for a bowl of Mee Bandung in Muar. Yummy!, very original, mouthwatering! Muar town, by the river mouth is indeed a scenic spot. Johor Bharu ? Nay …! Too busy, full of tension, pressure and stress. Not my place!
Muar Town, by the Muar Riverside

Mee Bandung Muar, Yummy!

Going back to my kampung in Kuala Lipis has always been one of the main agenda during school holidays. Full of activities for my kids – fishing, tree climbing, bike riding and river touring.

Came back to Shah Alam to have a rest, when suddenly my mother in law was admitted into Seri Manjung hospital for heart attack. It was 11.30 pm; I drove and arrived in Seri Manjung at 2.30 in the morning. The same day, in the evening rushed back to Shah Alam, for I’ve to accomplish a vital assignment.

I’ve got only 2 days in office before leaving for a family holiday, scheduled to be in Malacca, which I hope could give me a much deserved break.

That’s life. The past tempts us, the present confuses us, and the future sometimes frightens us. And our lives slip away, moment by moment, lost in that vast terrible inbetweens. Sometimes it does just feel like my life is slipping away though, as I spend years in and years out, attending to work, through sleepless nights and stressful days on the edge of sanity. When does it end?

For my wife and three daughters, have undoubtedly gives a boost to my spirit, in the midst of the tiring life of living in a ‘glass house’ in the rapidly changing time.
Happy holiday, to the holiday makers!


indica said…
I feel symphatize with u for having had to face that kinda hectic life ..
Yeah, sometimes it can be so tiring...I've had it more than enough.. Feeling so bad, like getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it makes me feel like stranded at a point of no return...
It really make me wanna go home...but when? and where's my home??

Dang...that pic of lip-smacking Mastan Ghani's really made me craving ... pity me, it's hundred miles away!..
I need to find something as substitute... do u think maggi will do?
tee said…
don't stress out too much, nanti dapat heart attack kan.. life is like dat lar.. kalau tak de cabaran, tak berjalan minda ni lak.. niway, enjoy ur hols.. :)
McBudu said…
mto: Maggi always be the penawar duka di mana saja! BTW wan Suldra is near you now, having seminar kot. I SMS his number.

Tee: Its good if they teach Stress Management in school, isn't it?
tee said…
yeah. and some of the Office Politics as well.
indica said…
tak habih lagi ke tiring? hehehe
Idham said…
yea....smile bro...at least masih sehat ....dan masih dapat menikmati kehidupan....ada juga orang yg tak sibuk sbb tak de kerja dan tak de saudara mara yang sanggup bertukar tempat dgn u bro...*smile*

McBudu said…
Thanx IDham for dropping by. Ur in Dubai right? Must be warmer now over there..

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