Lama tak Memblog!

Few days ago Mizi, give me a 'visit', asking me "Masih Tiring ke?" Am I? Well I dont know, biarlah rahsia!. As a matter of fact, I was quite busy lately (Common excuse). A lot of thing has to do, in office, or at home. That does not include 'Sugar hunting!'. Gula pun boleh shortage! But I notice one thing for sure, we Malaysians do not know how to manage our resources. If we have our own petroleum, we sell it to others, and we suffer the higher price of buying from others. If we have our own sugar cane plantation and enough to feed our people, we channelled it to other countries as well, at the end of the day we have to tell our people that less sugar is good for health! (Was more sugar good for health before the shortage?) But its funny when come to thing that we dont have, like flour. We dont have wheat here, but we seldom have price increase in flour, or even shortage... no problem at all, why? Again, biarlah rahsia.
I just met a new love in my life. Lately I spend more of my free time with her. She is one of a rare species, if I could call her one. Oh man, I just love her.... at least she can keep me company when I really need a break! Her name is Eten M600.
To friends out there happy blogging, if I'm not blogging, doesnt meant that I'm not log in.


tee said…
so now, instead of makan bola, tido bola... it's makan Eten, tido Eten for u, aye?
indica said…
Apa-apa pun.. Tahniah for the new found love of your life...mungkin hidup lebih tenang dan kurang stress dgn kehadirannya....mmg elok to spend more time with her to understand her capabilities, desire etc.....nanti boleh ajar aku..boleh jugak aku tiru..hehe

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