Jac saved my day!

Many employees struggle with the dilemma of being successful and living a life with purpose. Often, their personal beliefs seem to conflict with the bottom-line demands of today's corporate world. I was no exception.
I was so down yesterday. I felt that I was not given due recognition for what I have done for the organization. Not only that, I felt someone has taken the credit out of me! I felt so bad that afternoon, so I left office and headed to a quiet bistro to sip some hard coffee, alone. On the way. my mind just could not get out of the aggravation. I tuned on the radio, it was Suria FM. It was this song that made me realized that I was indeed a very much lucky guy if compare to the unlucky lots. The song was WAJAH by Jaclyn Victor. What a Song! I was really touched with the lyrics and almost reduce to tears! Thanks Jac! You really made my day!
Lagu : Wajah
Ciptaan : Othman Mohamad
Artis : Jaclyn Victor
Lirik : Habsah Hassan

Berbumbungkan angkasa kelabu
Lantainya bumi retak seribu
Setiap langkah perjalananmu
Beronak berliku

Betapa berat mata memandang
Berat bahu menggalas bebanan
Belum sempat menitis ke pipi
Tangisan kering sendiri

Berkali tersungkur
Pandanganmu kabur
Namun azam meneruskan hidup
Tak pernah luntur

Engkaulah perwira
Di medan derita
Merentasi ranjau kehidupan
Dengan harapan

Luahan rasa derita jiwa
Pada wajah tiada rahsia
Menunggu malang berganti tuah
Usah kau berputus asa

Usah kau berputus asa
Kaulah wira


indica said…
If not because of 'Bersamamu'program that I watched on the tube these days...I wouldnt care much what the song is all about. Quite nice and a touching number from Jac indeed.

Life is unpredictable and full of uncertainties but I always believe you can make it thru despites all those challenges.
McBudu said…
Thanks pals, make you another Jac!

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