Badly needed break - day 1

I took 9 days off from 26 November to 4th December 2005. Wow ! That was the longest ever! For two reasons; Firstly, I accumulated so much of my annual leave, secondly I badly need a break from those office hazards! I really need to unwind.

I just stayed at home for the first two days, sleeping. The third day I invited my office staffs to my Idilfitri (again) so called open house. In the evening, after so much noises created by my daughters, we left for Bidor, put up a night there. That was day 1 of our holiday. The very next morning we left for Alor Star via the North-South Expressway. After making few stops, we safely arrived in Alor Star, City of Rice Bowl of Malaysia at about 3pm. Alor Star, with a colorful past that spanned over more than 270 years (Alor Star was founded in 1735 by Kedah’s 19th Ruler, Sultan Muhammad Jiwa). This city is not only one of the region’s oldest cities but is older than some famous cities in the world, such as Washington DC, which was founded in 1775 and Sydney (1778).

We checked into Holiday Villa and shortly headed for Menara Alor Star. The Alor Star Tower, the new landmark looks so prominent Located in the heart of Alor Star.
This tower, standing at 165.5 meters tall is indeed a prominent and modern landmark that signifies the rapid development in the state. It functions as both a telecommunications tower and a tourist attraction. The Tower's platform allows visitors to enjoy a breathtaking view that stretches from Gunung Jerai to the Strait of Malacca. From the tower, we viewed vast expanses of paddy fields which lie outside of Alor Star - an amazing view. It's the second tallest tower in Malaysia and ranked 19th in world. While we enjoyed the sun set from the top of the tower, I was wondering when was the last time I’d been to Alor Star... almost two decades! Time really flies! We went back to the hotel and having dinner before fast fell asleep, and tomorrow, day 2, is going to be another long day for us which my children very excitedly looking forward to.
Sunset viewed from Menara Alor Star


indica said…
9 days break? Wow!!
How I wish I could be in AS again after the long 22 yrs.. I must admit I have nothing to associate myself with the city...not a special someone at least. And the only kampong or street I still remember is Jalan Kangkong, coz I'd been there with u and several others to rohana's house.
Perhaps you'd met some of our old friends there..mat burn..faris..
before you proceed upnorth to Mazlina's house in Utan Aji,..did u eat the serawa?
McBudu said…
Mistake, I didn't make it to Jalan Kangkong. I was having cold (real fever, not cold feet) remember?
indica said…
O ye ..I remember, sorry...
It was such a fun trip to Jalan Kangkong,.Ben, Lotfi,Sabki, Hanif etc were there..
McBudu said…
Damn, I missed that moment.

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