Another great day

1st December 2005, early morning I was teasing my children about taking a dip in the hotel’s pool, but they hesitated knowing that the water was extremely cold. This is the first time they encountered a ‘cold’ pond! After having breakfast at the coffee house, we hurried to Pekan Rabu which is only a walking distant. Situated along Jalan Langgar, the market was very clean, neat and well organized. The open Bazaar concept is very much similar to flea market; it is collections of small stalls selling variety of stuff. This is the best place to sample traditional Kedah fare like a sweet cake, dodol, kuah rojak, kueh karas, cendol, textiles, songkok, batik, etc. We bought few food items and a capal (Traditional sandal) for my little girl.
We check out from Holiday Villa at 11.30am and headed for Jitra, pay a short visit to a friend, Mustafa and then immediately proceeded to Bukit Kayu Hitam for another shopping spree! Things were not very interesting here. Not many varieties that we can choose from. Nonetheless we did buy something. I bought a Thailand made T-shirt, and my wife also bought something including.... another TOTO! Huhhh..... No space in the car, so I opened up the Toto Bed and spreaded it wide on the back seat, turning the back seats into berth! My daughters love it, they sleep all the way south!

We traveled down south in the afternoon rain, stopped in one of the R&R in Penang to answer the call of nature. We traveled again, this time to Taiping. We reached Taiping about 8.00pm. We went straight to Taiping Zoo, the eminent Night Safari! Rather interesting, enough watching human, then we were watching animals spending their night life!

It was almost 10.00pm, we were still searching for hotels, lucky we landed in Seri Malaysia, Taiping. That was their last room available! They have swimming pool too, not bad ! We toured Taiping Town looking for eating places, but could not find any. My girls were crying hungry, so...Hotel Food again for that night.

Everyone was exhausted; my children slept soundly, and can’t wait for their next grand day!


indica said…
Pekan Rabu?? I've been there once in 1980.. It's a great place to look for traditional malay delicacies, and ikan pekasam too...
Pak Yob said…
i've been there in 1999...i'm always lookin for some pack of asam jawa with sugar made in Thailand, i still donno wot u guys call that thing haa..asam bergula? asam jawa bergula? wot ever mouthwatering..

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