Alas, the Last day lah...!

2nd December 2005, Hotel Seri Malaysia, Taiping, my kids woke up very early. I was the last person got up from bed. Everyone was very eager to roll out. I drove towards Taman Tasik Taiping, where I first dated my wife, back in 1988. I was trying to look for the bench which witnessed the historical moment, but couldn’t locate it in the proximity. They phased it out! We took few pictures, before proceeding to Kuala Kangsar, via the old trunk road. We stopped at a small stall by the river side at Bukit Berapit to have our breakfast. Except for the roaming flies, they served very good food. And the free flowing stream nearby was very refreshing. We then proceeded to Ipoh via the PLUS Expressway. We head for The Lost world of Tambun. Once a dead town (Close to Tiger Lane – once was Mizi’s nest) Tambun has underwent a shocking transformation. A satellite town is a more appropriate description of this town, once famous for its Pomelo. We spent entirely the whole day inside the theme park. A small but nice park with backdrops of steep limestone mount resembles those of The Lost World. We packed at about 7.30 pm and headed for Bidor, where we called it a day.


indica said…
I havent been to taiping for a long time. Some ppl said Taiping's kueyteaw is the best.
Yes..when I was in Tiger Lane, Tambun ws a dead town, that's why I'd never set foot there..Surprisingly it's fast developing now..and now there are some fun places for us to visitie. Lost World. But I guess, still cant beat Tg Rambutan city nearby which is more and nite...he he
Pak Yob said…
tak pekena Mee Ramli ka kat Tambun tu? Taiping reminds me of a cartoon in "Gila-Gila", From "Taiping With Love"...a couple, Mat and his fat lovers...can't remember the name. Taiping also brings back the memories when we used to spend a night at the Rest House (still exist? i dunno)before we continue our journey to Pengkalan Hulu...
McBudu said…
MTO: Tg Rambutan? Nice place for lovers... picnic spots are great! Rith: La... Tak tau pulak ada Mee Ramli kat Tambun tuh... kalau tau mesti cari punya... Mat yang atas Vespa tu ke.....? Aku pun suka ikut citer tuh.... I was looking for taiping Rest House as well but could not locate it... tak tau masih ada ke tak....Tapi Lost world tu really change the way people look at Tambun nowadays.... happening lah kira.

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