That Shawal bash

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly since when Idilfitri became a bedrock tradition for Malays here to celebrate in ONE whole month of Shawal, but it's been at least a generation it has been celebrated that way. I still remember my childhood time when it was only celebrated in 3 days, after which life was back to normal.

I invited a bunch of closed friends to my house last Sunday, the 20th of November (18 Shawal) Not exactly an open house but merely a get together session. My wife also invited her hardcore buddies.

Among my friends, Md Diah was the first to appear, together with his wife Norita and their lovely daughter. As far as I remember they never failed to show up whenever I invited them to my house. And of course, I will be counter invited! That was great!, when you want them to invite you, you invite them first! Just kidding pal...

Then came Adnan and the complete force. His eldest son really a grown up kid. His wife Faezah surprisingly was Norita’s classmates. What a small world! And a tearful reunion took place….he he, what a nice surprise, I incidentally host an unexpected reunion of two old buddies..!

Then came Midzie (MTO of Mangifera Spa) He was the distinctive guest my wife and I were eagerly looking for, for two reasons; firstly my wife has not met him yet and I haven’t met him for a decade; secondly he normally will find excuse whenever I invited him to my house, but not this time!. He came with a friend, Hassan (A nice gentleman) but minus the great bloggers which he promised to take along, which I was also looking forward to meet them.

Midzie dressed casually in collar shirt and summer trousers, flashed a trendy state of the art PDA and a chic digital camera and he drove a Korean beauty which he claimed as small (what he describes a kancil then!) He projected a matured and more relax personality which reflected in his firmly pressed attire. Cologne? may be Paco Rabane, or my latest favorite, Hugo Boss, well may be none of them, I’m not sure. But one thing for sure, he certainly could not jump that high like he used to do before! Sorry, NOT anymore! Ha ha….

Jurizan came later with hubby, Mat, but by the time the old buddies already left. This couple surely missed the high light!

Jurizan and Mat is one happy couple. Ijan serves in EPF and Mat is now with Guthrie Plantation. It was their 2nd visit to my house. Jurizan still flares that girlish smile and cheerful voice. Except for the trendy pair of glasses, and elegant outfit, she is still very much the girl next door – friendly, approachable, humble and pleasant. While the hubby, Mat, is still the same jovial and friendly gentleman. I was very comfortable with them.

We talked briefly about family, careers and other light topics. The atmosphere remained very cordial and intimate throughout the afternoon, but the hallmark of the day is still the talk of old friends and old times.

The Sunday weather was merciful throughout the day - with threatening rain and sounds of distant thunder - but storms were held at bay. The day ended about 8.30 in the evening. It was indeed a very tiring day, but it worth for all the effort. Taking into consideration that I only have the opportunity of meeting these lovely people only once in a decade, I doubt if I would still be around in the next reunion, as the next one could be only in 2015...!

Today, Tuesday, November 22nd, at 6 p.m I’m still in the office, after so much hassle, I finally find time to sit down alone and listen to the gentle melodies of some Jazz repertoires, as well as to the sweet voice of the award-winning Sade, Hang On To You, Smooth Operator, Sweetest Taboo, Kiss Of Life, Immigrant and By Your Side. What a lovely moment I have, but on top of them all was my memory of the past, how my long time friends make up for the lost times, the memories, the ups and downs... which precisely articulated.....oh so refreshing, nothing better, not even a million dollar cheque!

To all my wonderful friends, I would like to humbly express my greatest gratitude to you for spending fractions of your precious time visiting me, saying good-byes, made promises to return next year and remaining firm in your affection for this ‘get together’ ritual. I was exceptionally delighted to have you, at times felt that the clock stopped ticking during those moments. I was extremely honored to have received all of you and your families in my small house, which I called home. Thanks pals.


indica said…
Thanks pal for the warm reception you and wify gave me. I almost lost for words...I didnt believe my eyes, it was like a dream looking at you, Md Diah and Adnan at the dining table. Just because all of you look the same like 20 yrs ago..I wonder what's the recipe, esp you. Am I the only one aging?
I enjoy the brief moments spent at your lovely home..what a nice.. truly the atmosphere, color scheme, deco..they really suit my taste..or our tastes are more or less the same? But up to this point, I can only dream on..

I wish I'm still around in the next get-together ..supposed in 2015. Oh make me feel so sad.
McBudu said…
We shared house and room for 2 years. I presume we must be downright obsessed with our room back in Arau. So when I made my home a resemblance to that room in Arau, you will simply love it! ha, ha.. Oh, is it so..?
Pak Yob said…
mto ada ngajak aku konvoi p beraya rumah ko ari tu..tapi ada agenda lain la aritu...maklumla baru pindah rumah segala benda tak lengkap...tido pun pakai kain pelekat aje dah...
McBudu said…
Tak per... bila2 boleh datang.. rumah sentiasa terbuka. Bab tidor pakai kain pelekat ni, ada satu survey dibuat di India berkenaan pertambahan penduduknya yang sangat pesat. Mereka mendapati keadaan itu terjadi antara lain lelaki di sana subur kerana sentiasa tidur berkain pelikat...!
indica said…
aku pun rasa pernah terbaca kajian tu..kepesatan penduduk juga terdapat di kawasan2 yg tak ada electricity.

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