Tribute to MTO, my Old Buddy

Old songs from the 80's be it Rindu Bayangan or Cinta Benar Cinta, in Arau, whenever these songs came on radio I would scream, "Mizie, they're playing your song!" and you’ll be singing along with the verse (I then realized you were not a good singer!).

Back then we didn't care much about what anyone might think, or feel, when we proudly wore striking color T-shirts – yellow, post-office red and you, a daring orange! We were sort of ahead of time, I presume?

So often, whenever I’m (or any of our friends) in misery, hands on the forehead (we call it helicoptering?), I will look for MTO to divulge all, so did the others. MTO, without hesitation will be there to lend his caring ears. Even so I did realize that whenever he is in grief, so few people would listen! Very unjust, huh?

I know occasionally, I simply ignored MTO whenever he needed caring ears to relate a story or two. Well, may be I was too selfish. I felt a pang of guilt! I’m sorry, pal.

Despite the fact that I had wonderful other friends in Arau, it is pretty exciting to learn by heart the roommate which I was with in the final year, MTO, is a friend who patiently endured my endless ranting, a friend who brought me ‘orenjey’ when I was sick, a friend who made me laugh, and in turned pretended my bad jokes were genius, a friend who rescued me from Ksatria and told the coach that I was an excellent Volleyball player, taught me how to play Volleyball despite all odds, a friend who bought me a convocation round-neck red t-shirt when he played volleyball in Shah Alam! Wow! And those were not all....

Not intentionally, but before long I were spending less time hanging out with my old friends. I didn't talk to my old friends much. "We hardly ever see you," said few of them who had moved to another part of the country. It became harder and harder to keep in touch with them, let alone those who lived in other countries. Even MTO, the last instance I met him was at the UKM’s Green House, when he passionately talked about his ‘Cili Bangi’. I did brought back some of the seeds, try to sun dry them, only to realize that they are snacks to sparrows! So they never grow up to be plants but instead caused those poor birds diarrhea.

It wasn't until recently that I realized how much I missed my old friends. Despite the fact that many of these friends now live hundreds of miles away from each other, they still clearly were a fraction of each other's lives (At least in their hearts).

I experience a frisson of excitement when I spot into MTO’s Blog (
Mangifera Spa). It’s always interesting to discover what has happened to a friend since I last met him trying to convince me about growing his chilly which he claimed to be the best ever! I strolled through the blog. Very inspiring!

I started my blog simply because MTO persuaded me into it. Even I doubt how long I could stay a blogger. Nevertheless I do strongly believe that BLOG can bring friends together. Buddies, life is too short, blog may be an option!


indica said…
I never realized I was there in someone's memory till I read your blog. I'm neither a star nor a legend. I'm so touched. Thanks for the memories.

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