That another Old Buddy

I STUMBLED UPON this guy when I was browsing the net. He seems extremely different, but I can tell it is him just by the look of his smile and the eyes behind those Mahatma’s glasses. I clearly remember he crooned those rhyme of Wind Flowers (1974 album of Unborn Child) as he strummed the guitar.
my father told me not to go near them,
he feared them always,
Said they carried him away.
I couldn't wait to touch them,
to smell them,
I held them closely.
Now I cannot break away.

Their sweet bouquet disappears
like a vapor in the desert.
Take a warning, son.

their beauty captures
every young dreamer
who lingers near them
Ancient windflowers,
I love you.

Wonder if we still know him today, as we did 25 years ago!


indica said…
Hehehe...I didnt recognize it till u mentioned Wind Flowers. I like the way he did the plucking which I tried to learn so hard but failed.
McBudu said…
Last time I met him was in Shah Alam back in 1991. He visited my house with his wife, Zai (the Teluk Intan lass who typed my practical report) Today I try to call him at the office (UiTM) but no answer, I wish I could have his cell phone.

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