Md Diah gentleman, truly

Md Diah Ramli, a quiet, humble, down to earth gentleman. Since Arau era, this good buddy seldom gets out of my sight. Somehow or rather I will know his whereabouts. I have been to his house in Merlimau once to attend his wedding, with Lix. His parents and brothers were very pleasant, I felt very comfortable during the short stint. He was then working with Koperasi Felcra where he met his life companion, Norita, a very humble, friendly and approachable lady, yet a remarkably successful business personality. Norita was an auditor who was supposed to audit the Koperasi’s account; somehow or rather she got audited by Md Diah! I can safely conclude that they were made for each other. During his heydays with Koperasi Felcra, Md Diah used to drive a vintage, Toyota KE, I guess. He used to visit me when I was a jobless brat at Lix’s place, Seafield Estate in USJ. To a jobless man, he was a very generous friend.

Then he advanced his career to a smart card company (He still with the company until today). His former Boss, the late Datuk (al-Fatihah) was a very prominent technocrat.

Md Diah, a family man, has 3 kids - 2 handsome boys and a very cute lovely girl. I suppose Md Diah is a very adventurous man who likes challenges to extreme, so much so he bought a house preety close to a rock quarry, where he can enjoy the blasts of dynamite everyday!

Well, whatever it takes, Md Diah will always be learnt by heart as a guy who is very pleasant to be with, a guy who never talked bad about others – that is Md Diah, once a gentleman, forever a gentleman. And we will always get in touch with each other because his family and mine got one common interest i.e. Gulai Tempoyak (with due respect to MTO) ikan Sungai.

Photos contributed by MTO of Mangifera Spa who might has the same common interest. Thank you.


indica said…
Mdddiah, the look of a macho male model.
Photo was snapped at dee's (Jgn Ketawa) hair salon in medan selera itm arau (Feb 1983). He displayed the batik jawa shirt along with a couple of less known personalities..hehehe..
McBudu said…
Oh really? I didn't know Dee was having a hair salon back in Arau.Oh, yes, why should I bother; my hair doesn’t need that salon. he he

Just curious, how you manage to have in possession so many of those ‘belia’ photos?
indica said…
'belia' photos??? he he

i'll send u more if u like

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